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Healthy Foods

We invest in delicious nutrient-dense snacks and foods to impact the most lives possible through healthier options instead of foods with empty calories or even harmful products.

Functional Foods

We invest in foods and supplements that have a positive impact on health beyond basic nutrition. Clinically-proven foods that promote optimal health including fortified, enhanced and minimally processed whole foods.

Food as Medicine

We invest in evidence-based nutrition, using food and natural ingredients as the delivery system, with positive clinical outcomes that bridge the gap between traditional supplements and medications.

Fund I

Our first sponsor list fund was highly successful, consistent with our prior investments in the food, beverage and wellness space. These partnerships have yielded proven performance with exits and late stage valuations ranging from 6x to 75x returns.

Fund II

With over $100 million of assets under management, Fund II will allow us to make an even greater impact with above market returns to our partners while changing people's lives for better health.