Early Stage Impact Brands Flourish Here.

KEEN Growth Capital identifies food, beverage and wellness companies with great potential started by revolutionary-thinking, passionate entrepreneurs. We apply our trusted skill and passion to develop them into highly successful and respected companies.

Infusion of intellectual and financial capital delivers positive outcomes for stakeholders - and ultimately the consumer. Our investors benefit from outstanding returns and society is enriched by healthier products. 

KEEN Growth Capital Mission

Change the world by elevating humanity’s essential fuel: food & beverage. Providing more than just money, we guide early-stage companies to bring their life-enhancing products to broader markets. KEEN Growth Capital believes in products that are delicious, healthy, sustainable and sometimes life-saving. 


What We've Achieved

  • A track record of meeting or exceeding the expectations of our investment partners. 
  • Agile and swift growth trajectories, providing returns over an accelerated period.
  • True partnerships with our investors that provide impressive returns at 6x-12x capital.
  • Systematic approach and tool set that minimize investment risk.
  • Extensive deal flow to identify exceptional investment opportunities.
  • Introduced game-changing companies led by energized entrepreneurs.
  • Retail market knowledge and gained access to leading retailers and brokers nationwide.
  • A well-honed operational approach to building profitable companies that consumers love. 
  • A team comprised of high-performing, passionate, experienced and seasoned experts. 
  • Recognized as leaders in healthy food and wellness impact investing. 
Private equity investors are logical partners for anyone seeking to bring about impactful change —
and they are also critical to building a better world.
— Institutional Investor
KEEN invests hands-on experience and market access, in addition capital, to accelerate the growth of an idea.
Our trusted capabilities and passion for the entrepreneurial spirit are the foundation of our success.
— Jerry Bello, KEEN Growth Capital Co-Founder & Partner

Former & Current Investments

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KEEN Growth Capital is located in Orlando's Windermere area - minutes from downtown Orlando.

513 Main Street
Windermere, FL 34786
(407) 217-5910


Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM

Parking available on the street or behind our building. 

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