Passion For The Entrepreneurial Spirit

We love the enthusiasm of the entrepreneur.
If there is an opportunity to really contribute to an entrepreneur’s business, we can generate amazing results. We partner when our value-add is clear and the challenge is exciting.
— Jerry Bello, KEEN Growth Capital Co-Founder and Partner
Jerry Bello

Jerry Bello

Love the Idea

We are most excited when we can say, “Love the idea” about a new, life-enhancing solution - presented by an enthusiastic entrepreneur. 

Start-up discussion group

KEEN has a passion for food and beverage, so we focus on products that improve humanity’s health and happiness in refreshingly new and delicious ways. We invest and partner with early-stage food and beverage companies to make them successful, ultimately making their products available to consumers everywhere. 


Our experience provides the mentorship and access to grow these companies, delivering above-market venture returns for our investors.