A Behind-the-Scenes Look at KEEN Manufacturing

Vintage Italia 

Freshly made Pasta Chips

Newly packaged Veggie Pasta Chips

Bow Ties being created

Freshly-puffed Bow Ties

Bow Ties in production

Veggie Pasta Chips handled with care

Jerry Bello in his pasta chips manufacturing center

Pasta Chips packaged and ready to be shipped to retailers

Pasta Chips carefully moving along in KEEN's manufacturing center 

Sensible portions

Sensible Portions logistics center

Sensible Portions state-of-the-art manufacturing facility 

Freshly made Sensible Portions Veggie Straws

Veggie Straws packaged to ship to international retailers

Sensible Portions Bagel Tops at its manufacturing center

Sensible Portions Bagel Tops being made

Manufacturing equipment ready to produce

mamma says

A glimpse inside the World Gourmet Mamma Says manufacturing center

Beautifully-finished Mamma Says Biscotti 

Mamma Says Biscotti in production

Biscotti being freshly baked