O’DANG Hummus Introduces All-New Branding, “Hummus For All™” Tagline And    “Jesse The Head Chickpea” Character

O’DANG Hummus, maker of premium hummus and hummus dressings, today announced that its line of hummus dressings will be available nationwide at nearly 2,000 Walmart stores beginning in late March. Walmart will offer six 12-ounce flavors: Ranch, Buffalo Ranch, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Roasted Red Pepper and Greek Tzatziki.


The ‘Full Flavor, Fewer Calorie’ dressing line is gluten-free, preservative-free and free of high fructose corn syrup. Because the line is vegetable-based, the dressings range from 25 to 45 calories and are naturally lower in fat than the leading dressing brands. 100% US-Grown, non-GMO ‘Chickpeas’ are the first ingredient on the label, making this a healthier dressing alternative. O’DANG Hummus dressings are positioned as the newest innovation on the dressing aisle.  

Jesse Wolfe, Founder & CEO of O'DANG Hummus

Jesse Wolfe, Founder & CEO of O'DANG Hummus

“We are thrilled that Walmart is our launch partner for O’DANG Hummus dressings,” Jesse Wolfe, Founder and CEO of O’DANG Hummus. “Our dressings are the only hummus dressing on the market, and thanks to Walmart, shoppers across the nation can enjoy our dang delicious and healthy hummus dressings. O’DANG Hummus dressings bring innovation to the dressing aisle with better-for-you dressings that list ‘chickpeas’ as the first ingredient. Shoppers will be excited to discover this versatile new product line and enjoy it on salads, as a dip, or even as a marinade!” 

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America’s #1 Hummus Dressing Brand

News of additional national retailers to carry O’DANG Hummus dressings will follow this year. With an established nation-wide footprint, O’DANG Hummus is America’s #1 hummus dressing brand.

New Branding and Packaging – “Hummus for All”

O’DANG Hummus products brings fun and exciting branding like never seen on the dressing aisle or in the hummus case. O’DANG Hummus unveils its new positioning of “Hummus for All” – bringing hummus to new categories, new occasions of use, and all members of the family. “Jesse, the Head Chickpea™” is the new illustrated and animated symbol of the O’DANG Hummus brand. He embodies the excitement of bringing hummus to all. On the new hummus dressing labels, “Jesse, the Head Chickpea” can be seen in a variety of storytelling roles for each flavor, from a Wild West rancher on Buffalo Ranch to a beekeeper on Honey Mustard and even the Greek god Zeus on Greek Tzatziki.

Jesse - the Head Chickpea

Jesse - the Head Chickpea

O’DANG Hummus at Expo West – Booth #5674

O’DANG Hummus and hummus dressings can be sampled at Natural Products Expo West. Visit booth #5674 and meet Founder and CEO Jesse Wolfe and try a range of new O’DANG Hummus products.

O’DANG Hummus is a KEEN Growth Capital portfolio company. KEEN Growth Capital is a venture fund that invests in and develops early-stage food and wellness companies with meaningful social impact.  

About O’DANG Hummus™

O’DANG Hummus believes in “Hummus for All™.” O’DANG Hummus brings innovation to hummus products by making premium hummus and hummus dressings that are adventurous and delicious, blending Mediterranean heritage with beloved, relatable American flavors. Exciting flavors make O’DANG Hummus the favorite everyday hummus brand for the whole family. Join the hummus revolution on all major social media channels and visit www.odanghummus.com for more.

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